Thursday, February 07, 2008

it has been a long time. . .

i had very good intentions about posting to this blog, but as you can see, they fell a little short.

as i sit and look out my window early this morning and see how much snow fell last night and that it is still snowing, i think about all those folks who feel they must risk life and limb to get somewhere this morning. i wonder how we got to this frenzied world we live in today. but i also know that we do what we need to do to fulfill our commitments to what we believe to be important to our life.

for example, today i feel no need to get out and clear the driveway, i don't need to be anywhere today, and for the while i am, in fact, snowed in. however, last saturday i was out there at 6:30am clearing the driveway praying that the plow would come and clear the lane i live on so that i could get out to hear what turned out to be a most rewarding concert. i went to hear a rehearsal -- valery lloyd-watts playing rachmaninoff's variations on a theme of paganini with the kingston symphony orchestra. it was absolutely wonderful in so very many ways.....

so i guess the answer lies in our priorities. and obviously we all have different ones. however, that still begs the question -- how did our world get to be the way it is... with environmental destruction a daily thing, with people rushing madly about to work at jobs they really don't like so that they can pay their bills, with the rich getting richer and the poor be damned, with the food industry feeding us chemical food lacking in all the basic nutrients we need so that we rush to the pharmaceutical industry to purchase drugs that will -- they say-- make us healthier and happier and more fulfilled.....and on and on this merry go round we call living.

i don't think so. back to the snow falling, it seems to me we have totally lost our connection with nature, and certainly with our own nature. we are a part of nature, not above it nor in control of it, as the several major recent natural disasters have shown.

the important thing is that we are all a part of this world we all have created. and so to fix it, we all must be part of the solution.

i hope to be better at putting my thoughts to paper here if for no other reason that to feel that i have done something positive and am doing my best to be part of that solution so that our wondrous and beautiful planet can survive, and that means us too.