Wednesday, August 16, 2006

memoir writing. . .

what a great day!

a good friend and i went to a class tuesday on writing memoirs. The teacher was super --
'orrible, actually! -- at the kingston seniors association.

i wish i had a photo to show that we had a wonderful day with a fascinating group of 10 --each of whom had warm and special stories to tell. it was wonderful to meet them all and learn so much about how memories are so significant, and why we all need to write our stories.

we heard funny stories and sad stories, stories of courage and personal difficulties, as well as those of great humor and delight in life's events. we learned how cathartic it is to tell our stories; how to heal from the sad and difficult ones, and how to laugh and share with each other through all our stories.

all in all it was a lovely day, and i hope to go back in the fall to take an eight week course also taught by Marilyn.

thanks again to all of our group for a very warm, special, and sharing day.

i loved it!!!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006


sumac -- the bane of my existence these days. why? well, it seems that it wants to grow where i don't want it to. a bit of explanation here....

i live in the middle of a hundred acre woods, with a lovely pond to look at and lots of hardwood trees, and even a meadow or two. about 10 years ago, i built my home on top of a hill overlooking my pond. earlier this spring, i pulled out a few small sumacs at the front of the house. much to my amazement, the next time i looked out the window, it seemed, the entire space that you see here was covered with 2' to 5' sumacs!

now, don't get me wrong, i am a nature lover, and conservationist; but there are many other places around here the sumac can grow, so why right up to the house and cover the windows?

well, i took matters into my own hands and went out and hacked down about 100 sumacs, from those about 12 inches high to those over 8 feet! but how to get out all that root? the mind boggles, but i left all those i cut down there, hoping that without sun they won't grow back.

it seems there might be a life lesson here. . . and any tips on keeping the sumac at bay would be most appreciated!