Saturday, February 08, 2014

Move Over for a Better Healthier Future

i doubt if anyone reads these words of mine, but i am going to put some down anyway.

i read dr. mercola, natural news, and a few other amazing sites for good environmental and health information.  so today i am delighted to see that dr. mercola goes in the direction i think is so important.

and that is to move on, to leave the broken circle and stop giving our energy to fussing about what the corporations and food destroyers are doing, and to start over here in a new place.

i have heard an old native story that i always think about in such times.  the women would sit in a circle and talk about their problems, but if a woman spoke more than three times about the same problem, the circle got up and moved to a new spot.

seems to me there is an amazing lesson here.  the more we fuss and fume at them the more our energy goes to the wrong places.  so, let's just stop giving them 1 second of our time.  let's garden, or shop at local farmers' markets and hit them at their bottom line.  stop giving them any thought at all. sort of like forgetting to water you plants, what happens?  they die.   that is it.

move over to a new place for a better, healthier future.