Sunday, June 14, 2009

Very Special Home For Sale

Because my home is so special, i am announcing that-- after having said many many times that i would be carried out of here in a box-- my home is for sale.

on the left photo the upper level is the master bedroom, and
below is the family room. the right upper windows are the living room looking out over the pond. the doors at the center of the building are there for an eventual deck. the room below the living room is a second bedroom.

designed and built by myself and some very special friends, my home sits overlooking a beautiful very large and very private pond and both sit in the middle of 100 acres of rolling southern Ontario countryside. a bonus is that there is also about 600 - 700 feet of waterfront on 13 Island Lake. however, this waterfront, altho lovely at the tip of the little peninsula, is not easily accessible because of swampy land between the main land and the peninsula. this happened many years ago when the powers that be raised the level of 13 Island Lake, thus losing a lot of very good shoreline.

however, the bonus is that the wildlife is prolific -- i sit and watch the otter play all year long, sliding along on the frozen pond or diving and wrestling in the summer's soft water. there are deer and racoons and porkys too, and lots of birds and even hawks and falcons, woodywoodpeckers and smaller ones too. there is even the occassional bald eagle and i even watched a great horned owl swoop down and catch his/her evening meal...

the land is both open and wooded, probably about 30 - 40% open, the rest in various stages of woodlot. mostly hardwoods, maple predominate altho there are many elm, ash and oak trees too.

the land is somewhat near the Canadian Shield; granite, which is also called white limestone, underlies the earth. there is a small cabin which i also lived in before the house was built, and there are two lovely wells on the property. the well over by the cabin is a 30 gpm replacement, and the water is clean and pure. it is tested twice a year by the local health unit in Kingston.

the house is undergoing some renovation and some finishing. i fell off the roof while installing it, and consequently it has taken a few more years than planned for to finish everything. however, work is now being done and i am very proud of the house that georgia built, i call it MOTH 2, The Building of a Dream. (which is an acronym for Mansion On The Hill. the cabin is moth 1. and of course there is a story behind that!)

i want to add that this is a wonderful small community of folks who are helpful and caring, and who appreciate the blessings of having the best neighbors. and there are community activities for those who wish to participate. it is a great place to live!!!

another added bonus is that i have high speed internet which is transferable to the new owner.

The property is listed by Tanya Lemke of Century 21 in Westport, Ontario.

here are some photos of the interior.

on the left is the southeastern corner
of the living room.

on the right are the stairs i built going
up to the main floor, as the entry is
on the ground level and the main
living area is on the upper level.

this photo shows more of
the living room which has two large picture windows--you can just see a part of one-- on the right looking out over the pond.

this house is built with 2 x 6 walls and very well insulated. heating costs run about $1,200. 00
per year. the ceiling has R40 insulation and the roof is sheet steel. zone heating is used throughout the house, with gas fireplaces, a wood stove and some electric heaters all on their own thermostats. wood is obviously readily available and free!!! the well provides clean and
delicious drinking water and about 7 gpm replacement. the water heater is propane as is the clothes dryer and the cook top.

please feel free to email my agent if you have any questions.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

my idea for fixing the economy....

as i sit and listen to all the hype and spin going on in usa politics, i cannot believe that what they are saying will change anything. watching pbs, now and bill moyer's journal, just convinces me that they are throwing good money after bad, --including mr. obama's stimulus package-- and those who are responsible for the economic mess won't even get their fingers smacked... instead they will get more and more billions of dollars to stash away in their swiss bank accounts.

here is an idea...

put those billions of dollars into creating an environmentally sound and sustainable public transportation system. it would create enough jobs for all those who have lost theirs and seems to me use their skills admirably. auto workers would easily be able to create new vehicles and probably do very well with all the other parts of such a system.

for this to work really well, those workers should also be in on the design and use of such transportation, so should all who would use it...
in the end we would have a system that would help our environment, use less petroleum, create less pollution, give people an inexpensive way to travel.

and best of all, get rid of automobile gridlock on our roads. less traffic on the roads would also mean less maintenance. i mean, why not think about this.....

i am no expert, but it seems to make a lot of sense. i remember watching a news story on cbs, i think, about the growth of traffic around washington, dc. it showed lines and lines of cars, and made me look very closely to see one person in nearly every car... with the statement that it now takes three times as long to get to work... not one mention of car pooling. not one mention of what a difference a good public transportation system would make.....but lots of complaints about how long it takes to get to work.....

what mr. obama needs to do, in my humble opinion, is get a whole lot of mr. smiths in washington, and stop all this pandering to the corporations that have made such a mess of our world.

end of today's words, but more to come...